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We scan your computer for old redundant files, viruses, third-party programs and much more.


The computer-optimization takes about 1 to 2 hours, and is via our remote control support.


Do something nice for yourself and your safty – get an improved, faster, and more secure computer

Extend service life

A computer should be sighted at regular intervals, just like a car.

The purpose of a car inspection is to prevent accidents, so the mechanic will secure you on the go. The same goes for our Computer Optimization. We help you make your computer run exactly as it should.

The lifespan of a computer depends primarily on how much it is used and what it is used for. But the average lifespan of a laptop is 3 years – we think that is far too little. If you have to go out and invest in a new computer every three years, you can quickly buy yourself poor.

We can help you extend the life of your computer by optimizing it. Here it gets analysed for old redundant files, unnecessary programs and viruses. In addition, it also gets a general optimization of the system so that it is fine-tuned as much as possible. We will do our best to make it run like a new machine – of course without removing documents, programs and images you do not want to get rid of.


If you any have questions about your computer, security, printer or other IT-related problems, then our technician can help you.

You will of course receive a lot of good advice on how to care for and protect your computer in the future. That way, you are much better off going forward.

1 year FREE Antivirus for Android

After receiving the optimization, you can get 1 year FREE Antivirus program from Northguard for your Android device.

The antivirus program runs with an award-winning technology and security, so you do not get viruses on your Android phone or tablet.

Normal price DKK 399, –